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Lama Poll has been used for years as a premium survey tool for the measurement, evaluation and analysis of customer satisfaction. After having accompanied so many projects, we would like to pass on our knowledge. On the following pages, you will get information about the critical issue of customer satisfaction and customer enthusiasm.


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Customer Satisfaction 

Customer satisfaction shows the relation between the expectations and the fulfilment of customers´ needs. Customer satisfaction plays a crucial role for the success or failure of a company.

Satisfied customers are loyal, less price sensitive and willing to recommend you to others!

Our customer satisfaction analysis allows you to:

  • Expand your target group
  • Develop your pricing policy
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Optimize your products

Additionally, you get free publicity and generate further recommendations and positive references. A thorough knowledge of your customer satisfaction should therefore always have highest priority.

Lama Poll has been doubly (backend and frontend) certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), Alliance for Cybersecurity, Penetration Centre and IS-Revision (IS Webcheck)!


Customer Satisfaction Assessment

If you want to not only satisfy, but also impress your customers, you must naturally know their needs.

Don´t be fooled in this respect - very often, people fall into the mistake of thinking that they already know exactly what customers need. And even more often, they are wrong. With the help of some easily created and attractive customer surveys you can, in a few steps, gather, assess and interpret relevant data.

With the right survey tool (Lama Poll) you can, within a few hours, create a customer questionnaire, adapt it to your company design, test it and put it into use. After starting it, you will have access to results in real time, with information which has been processed into different charts and which can easily be filtered and exported. Thus, you can gather all relevant information enabling you to make the right decisions and prioritize your goals at a very low cost, with little effort and an enormous saving of time.





Customer Satisfaction Analysis - a proper, efficient and meaningful use

How satisfied are you with our website? If you have answered "not satisfied", the only thing we know is that, obviously, something is wrong. But how so? What is it that you consider to be important? And how satisfied were you a month ago? What did we change during that period? As you may perhaps have noticed, the question about customer satisfaction is only a small part of the whole.

To increase customer satisfaction, you must ask the right questions, assess them properly and interpret them right.

An example: The Federal Association of German Air Travel (Bundesverband der Deutschen Luftverkehrswirtschaft) conducts an annual survey among airline passengers. What are the results for 2015?

Kundenzufriedenheit Flugverkehr: was den Kunden beim Fliegen wichtig ist.


As you can see, especially safety and cleanliness, as well an easy accessibility to the airport and the friendliness of staff members seem to play a very important role. A much greater role than the service, entertainment or comfort on board. In the year of 2013, security was even in the first place.

But this information standing alone is of little relevance: when asked about what was important when booking a flight, the following came out:

Kriterien bei der Auswahl des Fluges für Kunden


The price seems thus to be the determining factor? However, only for private travellers. For business travellers, factors such as connections, flight schedules and the reputation of the company seem much more important. Thus, it is important not to rely solely on individual questions or statements. When assessing the level of customer satisfaction, you must always bear the big picture in mind!

However, if you do everything right, unprecedented opportunities unfold. You can not only disclose potentials, but also bring the potentials of your customer´s customers into evidence ;-)


What does customer satisfaction depend on?

Customer satisfaction itself depends on the degree of fulfilment of customer requirements. Such requirements are generally divided into basic requirements and performance requirements:

  • Basic requirements are required by the customer. The fulfilment of these does not affect customer satisfaction. Failure to fulfil such requirements leads to the dissatisfaction of customers. Basic requirements are usually taken for granted and are thus not explicitly mentioned by the customer.
    • Example: The new car has brakes. The existence of brakes does nothing; The lack of the requirement "brakes in the car" can, however, lead to customer dissatisfaction.
  • Performance requirements are explicitly stated requirements, whose fulfilment or even over-fulfilment is rewarded by the customer - meaning an increase in customer satisfaction!
  • Example: The new car has leather seats.

Tip: Basic requirements can become performance requirements and the other way around. Example: For a long time, airbags were perceived as a performance requirement and have nowadays turned into a basic requirement.


The Kano model of customer satisfaction

The Kano model complements the concept of customer satisfaction with a series of other factors:

  • Excitement requirements are not necessarily expected by the customer, but highly appreciated. A small increase in terms of performance can cause a disproportionate increase in customer satisfaction. Car example: special equipment, special design
  • Indifferent factors are neither expected nor appreciated by the customer but also not rejected. Example depending on client group: sliding roof or automatic transmission.
  • Reverse factors are expected by the customer to be non-existent and cause dissatisfaction when present but do not cause satisfaction when absent. Example: rust stains, expired vehicle inspection certificate.


To distinguish between the requirements of customer satisfaction, we recommend a bipolar customer survey: the customer responds twice to the same question, but from a functional and a dysfunctional perspective.


Functional vs. Dysfunctional Questions

 The costumer replies to 2 questions concerning the same feature:

  • What would you say if your car had brakes?
  • What would you say if your car had no brakes?

The combination of the answers to the functional and the dysfunctional question makes it possible to identify the type of requirement; for example:

  • Functional: This is what I take for granted + Dysfunctional: That would bother me → Basic requirement
  • Functional: That would please me very much + Dysfunctional: That would bother me → Performance requirement
  • Functional: That would please me very much + Dysfunctional: That leaves me indifferent → Excitement requirement
  • Functional: That leaves me indifferent + Dysfunctional: That leaves me indifferent → Indifferent requirement
  • Functional: That would bother me + Dysfunctional: This is what I take for granted → Reverse requirement

When assessing such information, relevant demographic customer data should be taken into account. Maybe, a basic requirement turns into an excitement requirement for men over 50?




Literature on the topic

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