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Planning of a customer satisfaction survey

When planning a customer satisfaction survey the focus should naturally be placed on the customer survey. But the following aspects should frame it:

1. Set targets - What do I want to achieve?

  • Highlight the primary goal in relation to the survey tool
  • Example: the primary goal is an increase in sales, the sub-goal is the achievement of customer satisfaction


2. Specify goals - What would I like/need to know?

  • How satisfied are customers? With what?
  • What do customers want?
  • What do customers miss?
  • How can customer processes be improved?
  • Which effect did certain measures have?


3. Translate goals into measurable items

  • How can the goal be measured?


4. Determine appropriate questions and response options for each goal

  • Satisfaction - based for instance on a scale
  • Product design - based on the evaluation of possible alternatives


5. Plan the implementation of the customer questionnaire

  • Cover letter, design, number of pages, setting of questions, implementation of questions, implementation of response options


6. Find the right tool

  • Pose the question: Which survey tool can implement all the questions I wish to ask in the survey?
  • Price and data protection - take factors into account
  • Take assessment methods into account
  • Or simply use LamaPoll´s survey tool


7. Plan the publication

  • Participation rates, accessibility, media (email, newsletter, website)


8. Plan the evaluation

  • Type of evaluation, parameters, formats (Excel, PDF, Power Point)


9. Plan follow-up measures

  • Determine measures based on the results, adapt them to established goals


10. Plan the communication of results

  • Are the results intended to be made public? Are there any dangers involved in their publication?
  • How are results to be presented?



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