• Creating an Online Survey

    Create a Survey

    The Survey Tool LamaPoll: easier to use, intuitive and powerful!Create your survey in just a few minutes! Of course 100% in your very own corporate design!

    Invite Participants

    Design your own E-Mails and invite every participant by attribute/status personalized to your poll, or link your online survey to social networks, intranet, etc.

    Evaluate Your Results

    The survey results are automatically analyzed graphically and can be exported and filtered by responses, attributes of participants or status.

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  • Customer Satisfaction

    Customer satisfaction means loyalty and sustained revenue growth.

    Create personalized and attractive customer surveys to measure and increase customer satisfaction.

    Use LamaPoll to support business decisions and measure their success.

    Take a look at our templates for your customer satisfaction surveys!

  • Employee Surveys

    Your employees are your most valuable asset. Furthermore, they have knowledge about all sections of your business – starting from the efficiency of internal processes up to customer satisfaction.

    Create periodic employee surveys, to detect potential for optimization, to plan actions and to further integrate your employees in the company’s business.

    Profit from our experience and use our templates for your Employee Survey!

  • Employee Satisfaction

    One of the main goals of employee surveys is increasing employee satisfaction.Satisfied employees work happily and more motivated. They contribute to a positive corporate image.

    Using our online survey for employee satisfaction, you can collect data fast, convenient and efficient – using this information as a basis, you can make well founded business decisions.

    Profit from our experience and use our templates for your Employee Survey!

  • Customer Survey

    Create a Customer Surveyin order to establish and strengthen a sustainable partnership, win loyal customers and to reward them!

    The goals of cutomer surveysare diverse – in addition to the perhaps most important one - customer satisfaction, customer surveys can be used for product evaluation, customer entertainment and many more.

    Profit from our experience and use templates for your customer surveys!

  • Survey Tool

    A survey tool tool is, as the name suggests – a tool. The survey tool LamaPoll is comparable to a Swiss army knife: You are not limited to just creating, designing and adapting a survey, you can also translate it, publish it, invite participants, evaluate the data graphically and lots more!

    You may know the saying – to a hammer every problem looks like a nail. Neither efficient, nor reasonable.

    Use our survey tool for unlimited possibilities: classic employee and customer surveys, IQ tests, online quizzes, contests, any kinds of surveys that you can think of!

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Over 6000 Companies create Surveys with our survey tool

The Premium Survey Tool

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LamaPoll is a high-performance Survey-Tool for creating online Surveys and questionnaires. Over 6000 companies, research institutes and public institutions compile secure online surveys with LamaPoll!

Why? Because no competitor can combine the intuitive handling, professional functionality and highest measure of security and privacy of our tool.

(And because our servers are located in Germany ;-) )

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  • Full data sovereignity: At all times, you have full control, we never give data to third parties.
  • Certified server: According to BS-799-TÜV, as well as DIN ISO 27001 
  • Hosting in Germany: Our business and server location is Germany
  • Penetration test: You really want to know? We would like to make an appointment for a Pen Test!
  • One-way encryption: safety-critical data is one-way encrypted (thus even LamaPoll administrators cannot read it)
  • Just like online banking: End-to-end SSL encryption guarantees maximum protection against eavesdropping
  • Maximum security: Multiple daily backups and redundant, mirrored hard drives guarantee maximum security for your data
  • We would like to sign an individual Contract for Order Data Processing according to BDSG § 11 
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The Survey tool for

Science & Research

LamaPoll’s highly professional features has already convinced respected research institutes. For advanced, scientific and international surveys the step to LamaPoll is a step in the right direction!

We allow free use of our software for students – this is our contribution to free education. Are you a student? Then you can create your free survey right now!


Free Online Surveys for Sutdents 


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Our satisfied customers'


Gunther Koschnick
sagt über LamaPoll
Together with the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) , we conducted a security survey for the first time. There were high demands for data protection, cybersecurity and anonymity. Lamapoll was able to implement these technically and organizational best. In addition, there was a contact person at every opportunity. We are extremely satisfied with the cooperation.


Nicolas Roth
sagt über LamaPoll
LamaPoll makes the survey creation easy and efficient and the display in mobile devices has been solved excellent. In addition the support of LamaPoll always helpfull and available. A clear recommendation!
Mehr als 10.000 Unternehmen erstellen bereits Online Umfragen mit unserem Umfragetool.
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