We know that the security and availability of our service is important to you. Therefore, we appreciate your confidence that we always ensure a safe and stable online service! For more information and a detailed safety concept, please feel free to contact us at any time!

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Geprüft & standardisiert

Zertifizierte Server

Zertifikate von Strato

  • The server location is and remains Germany.
  • All servers are located in a high-performance data centre.
  • Our data servers have BS 7799 TÜV certification and independent TÜV certification in accordance with DIN ISO 27001
  • All statutory regulations are adhered to (fire protection, theft, data protection, maintenance, flood etc.)
  • Almost 100% availability by means of self-sufficient and redundant power supply, cooling and internet connections. The questionnaire tool is fundamentally provided without interruption.
  • The early detection of fire by laser particle detectors and almost complete video monitoring of the systems provide additional security.
  • The data centre is occupied by specialists 24/7.







Aktenordner mit Schloß

Your data is encrypted at all times!

  • SSL encryption protects your participants and you against unauthorised parties eavesdropping on your data traffic. All data and input that you transfer to us during registration, ordering as well as account access and use is encrypted in accordance with the latest security standards. The same applies for the responses of your questionnaire participants. Communication from and to our systems is fundamentally encrypted.
  • Encrypted databases protect your data against external access. All LamaPoll databases are placed exclusively on encrypted hard drives/disk drives and are therefore protected against theft, copying and similar attacks in accordance with the latest technology.
  • Encrypted back-ups securely protect against data loss. All back-ups are directly encrypted during the creation process and then archived on several redundant, password-protected back-up storage devices.
  • We use everyday email encryption when sensitive information or data must be sent – both in internal communication and when contacting clients.
  • Passwords are stored as a cryptographic hash based on the Blowfish algorithm and random SALTs. Your password therefore cannot be decrypted by anybody or by so-called “rainbow tables”.








Schublade mit Akten
  • All employees are bound to data protection in accordance with §5 of the BDSG (German Federal Data Protection Act)
  • All employees are subject to our confidentiality agreement
  • All employees are regularly trained in the handling of sensitive data
  • Our employees use everyday email and data carrier encryption in order to handle sensitive data and information and communicate securely.







Datenbank mit verschiedenen Ebenen
  • Redundancy protects our server infrastructure against failure and ensures that no “single point of failure” exists.
  • Readily set-up reserve systems are in place – in the case of a larger-scale failure, they take over operations within the shortest time possible.
  • All data is stored in a RAID 1 array. This means that all hard drives are redundant and mirrored. In the event that a hard drive fails, another replacement hard drive automatically takes its place without interrupting our service.
  • Daily back-ups protect your data against loss. All back-ups are thereby encrypted in accordance with the latest security standards and placed on several physically separated and redundantly mirrored data storage devices. Data transfer is, of course, also encrypted.





Security also depends on you

your responsibility

Personen vor einem Schloss
  • Use the most complicated, difficult to guess passwords:
    • Select phrases that are longer than 12 characters
    • Use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters
    • Avoid trivial passwords: '12345' or 'abc123'
    • Avoid words that are in dictionaries
    • Never use words that are readable from your workplace: e.g. Name of the restaurant in front of your window, name of the manufacturer of your monitor, name of the painter in your office, etc.
    • Never use words that are related to your hobbies
  • Never pass your passwords on to third parties - your passwords are only for you.
  • Never store your passwords unprotected in your browser.
  • Log out of LamaPoll when you no longer need the tool.
  • Keep your anti-virus software, firewalls and browsers up-to-date.
  • Protect your downloaded data sufficiently from strangers' access to your system.


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Gunther Koschnick
sagt über LamaPoll
Together with the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) , we conducted a security survey for the first time. There were high demands for data protection, cybersecurity and anonymity. Lamapoll was able to implement these technically and organizational best. In addition, there was a contact person at every opportunity. We are extremely satisfied with the cooperation.


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