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Horst Anschütz
CEO of Anschütz Personalmanagement

"LamaPoll is convincing with an understandable design, which can also be used by inexperienced people quickly. The offered support is professional and very helpful and friendly. LamaPoll is a really good recommendation!"

What is LamaPoll?

LamaPoll is a survey tool for creating employee queries or employee satisfaction surveys on the Internet. With us you can create, carry out and evaluate all types of employee surveys. Create your employee survey in just a few steps, adapt it to the corporate design of your company, invite your employees via e-mail or intranet. Quickly gather insights and increase your employees satisfaction. You can register with our survey tool free of charge and create surveys or surveys for up to 50 employees immediately and without obligation. If you need more answers to the questionnaire of your online survey, simply use our monthly rates. You can also find our templates and examples for questionnaires for employee surveys.

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