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Employees are the base of each company. They are not only close to the company, they are in it! Your employees have the greatest knowledge about your customers, your product and you processes. Therefore employee motivation and employee satisfaction are critical keys to success. With an employee survey you can collect data about their knowledge and transform it into profitable actions! Particularly suitable for this is our online survey for employees.

Below you will find a guide on how to successfully implement an employee survey with a focus on employee satisfaction. We also provide multiple questionnaires and templates for your survey. Of course we also provide some tips and tricks for our survey tool.


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Examples and Templates for Employee Surveys

The goals always sound different – employee retention, process optimization, quality assurance – but the first step is always the same: information gathering! Employee surveys help you make informed decisions, identify potentials and set the right goals. Sustainably successful companies do not underestimate the knowledge of the staff – they ask for it and learn from it!





Case Studies

Just like customer surveys, employee surveys take little effort and cost to answer the key question: What is the right action (for employee retention, quality optimization, staff turnover reduction…)? The answer to this question will protect you from wrong decision and actions and often provides simple and easy ways to improvement.


Many studies have shown the influence of the direct supervisor on the satisfaction, turnover and number of days absent. But what that means in detail, what is really important to the staff is revealed by a survey:

  • Is too much pressure the problem?
  • Or does the team want to be supported more?
  • How important is regular feedback?

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We have all experienced how much an employee survey can change even in a short amount of time ;)



An example of efficient and successful regular employee surveys:



Employee surveys are a sensitive instrument in human resource management. Part of the employee surveys is collecting data about your staff. Normally one or more people from human resource development take part in such a project. Read on and profit from our years of experience with thousands of employee surveys:


The Five Golden Rules for your Employee Survey

Formulate Questions Correctly

Employee surveys are a particularly sensitive instrument. Even the slightest mistakes can lead to a significant loss of trust and acceptance from the participants.

Integrate the works Council

Even in countries in which it is not by law required, you should always work with the council to increase trust and acceptability.


Ensure Anonymity

While customers would often participate in non-anonymous surveys, this is nearly impossible for employees. Do not release individual results to departments with few employees!

Protect private data

Integrate your data protection officer. Only use online software providers based in Germany. US American providers also store your data on USA based servers.


Accept Change

If you are willing to accept and initiate change, you are a double winner: Your employees feel taken seriously and you can optimize business processes and increase employee satisfaction. If you do not want changes, you may not want to initiate an employee survey. In this case you may lose the confidence and motivation of your employees.


Tip: Ask your employees! By asking someone for their opinion you are not involving them yet – but without asking, there is no one to involve.

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What does an Employee Survey do?


Integrate your professionals actively in the change process with a survey and allow them to participate in it. This way you can increase your employee’s loyalty and cohesion.

Foundation of your Decision-making and Staff Development

The results of the employee survey provide extensive guidance on how your employees rate your HR work. Comparison of the results with similar companies can also serve as an orientation (Benchmark).


Early Warning System

The frequent employee survey gives you a constant indication of employee satisfaction. Uncover emerging discontent at an early stage, including its reasons. Thus, you can identify risks and opportunities for staff development early on.

Building Confidence

If your employees realize that their answers are taken seriously, that they can make a difference and that their data is handled sensitively it strengthens their confidence in your business.


Improving Internal Communication

With employee surveys you allow your staff to provide anonymous feedback to different enterprise policy issues and to optimize business processes. 



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