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Determine the objectives of the customer survey

The setting of goals is the most important step of a survey. You can find more information about the subject on our page: Goals of a customer survey.

Phase 1: Why do I want to conduct a customer survey?

  • What is my primary goal? The public sector generally aims at achieving a higher customer satisfaction (satisfaction of citizens), while companies are usually more interested in increasing sales or reducing costs. Are there any known vulnerabilities, delays or high costs for certain processes?


Phase 2: Which aspects influence my primary goal?

  • High costs can be related with high cancellation rates or an elevated support effort.
  • A decrease in sales can be related with customer satisfaction.


Phase 3: Which tool do I need to achieve my goal?

  • The costumer survey dealing with product quality can disclose product shortcomings.
  • A customer satisfaction analysis can provide insights into the perception of customers.
  • In case you don´t know which aspects influence your primary goal, you can choose precisely that topic for your survey.


Which is the right survey tool for conducting the customer survey?

When carrying out a comprehensive planning process, the creation of a customer survey should take place quickly and easily. So much for the theory. In practice, the creation of the survey depends at least as much from the selected costumer survey software as from prior planning.

The right survey tool for the customer survey

Questions to be clarified in advance:

  1. Can the planned questions be implemented?
  2. Can the planned number of participants be dealt with?
  3. Can the existing regulations regarding data protection be complied with?
  4. Which pricing model meets my expectations and budget and includes all the necessary functions?
  5. Where will the data be stored and who owns them? Who owns the data?
  6. Support questions - Are they available in German? Even by phone? Accessibility and office hours?
  7. Safety guaranteed? Number and type of server (self-owned, dedicated or shared with others?), SSL encryption?


You can find more information about the subject on our page: Goals of a customer survey.

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