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Customer surveys for offices, authorities, ministries and state institutions

Ministries, authorities and offices, or in short -  the public sector naturally aim at reaching all customers, or in this case, citizens. To that end, it is indispensable to make use of an online survey tool. A very important aspect in the public sector: the protection of data for the customer survey.


At this point, we will give you a rough concept for the implementation of customer surveys in the public sector. This one was developed by the City of Hamburg.


Vorgehensmodell für die Nutzung von Social Media


Please note that in the example of the city of Hamburg the contracted company was from the US and thus stored relevant data in the United States of America. American data protection laws are not compatible with the strict regulations of the German system. We therefore recommend an examination of potential survey tools by a data protection officer.

1. Phase " Planning of the survey"

  1. The Ministry of Culture intends to use the LamaPoll survey tool to carry out a survey on the topic "What is it that you appreciate in our city/ local district)? The management shall forward that idea to the press office (for assessment and further development).
  2. The press office shall convert the idea into a rough concept, to be used for a quick and easy assessment of the intended use. At stake are inquiries regarding the following aspects
    • Goal
    • Supporting agencies involved (authority, ministry, department...)
    • Use of resources
    • Legal framework
  3. The supporting agencies examine available resources and support the press office in preparing the rough design. You may eventually designate responsible contact persons. At the same time the contact person in the press office is named.
  4. A draft of the rough concept is sent to all interested parties. Concerned offices, authorities and ministries are informed of planned measures and invited to participate in the context of a joint meeting (for example in a head of office meeting, eventually with the presence of the State Council).
  5. The rough concept is presented to the management with a note for approval. The note not only contains a vote on further proceedings but also a presentation of the facts and an assessment of the press office regarding the implementation of the idea by the means of a suitable survey tool.
  6. After receiving approval from the management, the note is sent back to the press office. The press office launches the phase "design and implementation" and calls for support (by the authorities, ministries, departments). At the same time, the approved note is sent to the agencies involved.


2. Phase "design and implementation"

The fine design is carried out under the coordination of the press office of the Ministry of Culture and developed in collaboration with participating agencies. Questions regarding the following aspects are of crucial importance:

Create a plan

Creation of an operating concept

  • Responsibilities
  • Project organisation


The fine concept is presented to the management with the inclusion of a note for approval. The note not only contains a vote on further proceedings but also a presentation of the facts and an assessment of the press office regarding the implementation of the fine concept.

The management examines the contents and grants clearance or gives order for the implementation of changes.


The press office then implements the fine design with the assistance of the agencies involved. To that end, there are survey tool-specific steps to be run through (for instance the selection of the price model, the selection of question and answer types, the creation of questions, the definition of answers, selection/addressing and notification of participants etc.).


3. Phase "communication and evaluation”

  1. Survey participants complete the survey "What is it that you appreciate in our city/ local district)".
  2. press office and offices/ authorities/ ministries are presented with the results of the survey and evaluate them taking the indicators specified for the further use into account. A major result of such a survey conducted in the City of Hamburg was e.g. the high satisfaction with the expansion of children's playgrounds in the city centre. The management is presented with the results from the evaluation and with a note including measures proposed by the press office regarding the handling of results (for instance the continuation of the project to expand the number of leisure activities for children in the city centre). The management
     receives the note and approves the proposed measures.
  3. The offices/ authorities/ ministries put the specifications of the management in consultation with the press office into practice. The press office publishes a press release concerning the outcome of the survey and resulting action.

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