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Survey Checklist

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  • What is asked? (Contents of the survey)
  • Is there a defined goal? (Assessment of satisfaction? Understand the needs of customers?)
  • Are the types of questions target-oriented? (Question regarding satisfaction?)
  • Can the types of questions be easily evaluated? (Open vs. closed questions)
  • Target group - are there defined rates? (50% female, 50% male...)
  • Did you obtain the Treaty on Order Data Processing as per §11 BDSG?
  • Did you prepare a cover letter for the participation?
  • Have questions been adapted to the online software tool?
  • Has the design of the questionnaire been adapted to that of the company?
  • Dynamic response paths? (Jumps and visibilities)
  • Is there a homepage? (Introductory text)
  • Is there a final page? (Completion + Wish - Redirection)
  • Has the survey test been conducted? (With colleagues)
  • Has the feedback from the survey test been evaluated?
  • Has the feedback from the survey test been implemented?
  • Has the costumer survey been launched?
  • Did you invite customers?
  • Monitoring - Break-off analysis, customer feedback, response tendencies
  • Quality assurance - improvement of current survey based on monitoring data
  • Send reminder-emails
  • Optional: complement results with an additional offline survey
  • Evaluate results in accordance with established criteria
  • Present results

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