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Advantages of online customer satisfaction surveys

An online customer satisfaction survey offers many advantages over traditional surveys:

  • Easy access to participants via email and the Internet
  • Short duration of the survey, no shipping, no manual editing of answers
  • High data quality of the survey, without mistakes, without a manual input and including plausibility checks carried out during the survey.
  • Short response time of the customer
  • Higher acceptance than with paper questionnaires, and therefore increased response rates
  • Email reminders and "thank you" emails are automated, targeted and can be sent individually, without generating additional postal or telephone charges
  • Savings in terms of printing costs, postal charges, and working hours through automation and digitisation
  • Simple and fast implementation without the necessity to have a training period (with LamaPoll)
  • An online survey allows the use of question types, which are not possible or require a very high effort in a face-to-face interview or on paper:
    • Slide bar/ scale questions for a continuous input of the response value
    • Drag-and-drop allowing for the sorting of elements (level of measurement)
    • Multimedia: integration of films, pictures and audio elements
    • Jumps, conditional visibility, redirections, bifurcation of question paths
    • Mandatory questions, randomization, filter functions
    • Prevention of order effect bias through item rotation
    • Plausibility check, automatic checks for open inputs and answers
    • Editing of metadata - operating system, browser, processing time, etc. (Allows for the creation of a validity index when combined with control questions)
  • A highly perceived anonymity of respondents

a.   Disadvantages of online customer satisfaction surveys

The disadvantages of online surveys are negligible, or rather, avoidable. An often-stated argument is that the target group and their accessibility is not representative. However, this is no longer the case, since companies increasingly integrate their costumers online, and thus can easily reach them. LamaPoll can avoid supposedly high dropout rates with the help of pre-tests and a quality assurance through a break-off analysis. Furthermore, experience shows that online drop-out rates are usually below those of offline customer surveys. Another frequently mentioned disadvantage is the complexity of tools for the implementation of online customer surveys. Our survey tool remedies that situation.

Tip: In case your customers are not fully achievable via the Internet, you can also combine online and offline customer surveys and merge them manually!

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