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Data protection in surveys

Data protection and costumer surveys are two terms which always must go hand in hand. This applies both to offline as well as online customer surveys. If you allow for customer data (answers, email addresses, name, attributes) to get lost or even be used or sold by third parties, you not only lose your costumers but also make yourself liable to prosecution. Therefore, you should always have the eligible customer survey tool assessed by your data protection officer, as well as your IT team.

Tip: Don't let your data leave the legal area of the Federal Republic of Germany. Use a supplier from Germany or at least from the EU!

The following must be considered:

  • If you contract a supplier from abroad, your data will automatically be collected and processed on your behalf by a foreign based online supplier.
  • This leads to a data transfer/ transmission into a third country. In that case, you would need to sign an agreement between the client (you) and the contractor (the foreign online supplier), which would necessarily have to comply with the model of the Standard Contractual Clauses adopted by the EU.
  • And then it must be considered, whether the respective country offers an adequate level of protection, according to EU Commission parameters.
  • In case you don´t sign an agreement, you opt for an illegal transfer of data, which can make you liable to prosecution and may put the data of your customers at risk.
  • When contracting a supplier from Germany you can use the Agreement for Contract Data Processing pursuant to §11 of the BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act)


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