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Customer survey prize competition

A prize competition is a very good incentive for the costumer to participate in the survey, regardless of its goal. You can thus kill many birds with one stone: the level of customer satisfaction is increased, since the customer is given the opportunity to share his opinion and make a difference. The satisfaction is even more increased through a prize.

Tip: The winning chance is often overestimated, since in the end, only one customer wins a world trip, a house or a luxury car (whose maintenance he or she possibly can´t even afford). In frequent cases, a much better choice would be small prizes, such as a voucher or a product sample sent by email. This eventually leads to many more satisfied customers.

When including a prize competition at the end of a survey, it is important to handle customer data appropriately. If you ask customers for personal information (customer name, email, address) to carry out the prize competition, you shouldn´t save those data together with all other results, since that could compromise their anonymity. Find out more about data protection in customer surveys.

a.   Reasons for including prize competitions in customer surveys:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • High participation
  • High distribution, forwarding on the web
  • More publicity, advertising
  • Conditions can be linked to a newsletter subscription

b.   Tips for prize competitions in customer surveys:

  • Call attention to the prize competition already in the invitation and on the homepage of the survey
  • Images and photos of the possible prize increase the participation of customers
  • Smaller prizes for all or for many customers are often better than one single prize
  • Make sure that the prize competition does not compromise the anonymity of participants and share that information - with the right survey tool you can combine a prize competition and an anonymous survey!

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